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As a professional company, Hopkins Estates, based in Wincanton, Somerset, is well-equipped to provide you with various high-quality services spanning the South West of England. If you’ve been searching for an experienced Volumetric Concrete, Aggregate or Muck Away company with the necessary resources to meet your complex needs, you can have confidence in our team. With over 50 years in the construction market, Hopkins Estates are ready to supply your business with a professional service at competitive rates. 

We offer a Volumetric Ready Mix Concrete service with our FOUR concrete trucks that mix your concrete on-site, to the grade you need for your project - working across Somerset, Dorset & Wiltshire.


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Volumetric Ready Mix Concrete (Everything You Need To Know)

How much do you know about volumetric concrete? In this guide, we will explore what volumetric concrete is, why it is advantageous and how you can use it in your next construction project. It’s important to know the differences between traditional concrete mixes and volumetric concrete.

Straight out of the mixer, here are the key benefits of volumetric concrete:

• No risk of over-ordering as the concrete is mixed on-site.
• No wasted materials due to only mixing what is needed.
• Unlike drum-mixed concrete, there is no limited timeframe for use.
• Only pay for the concrete you end up needing.

Let's take a step back and start at the beginning. What is volumetric concrete?

What is Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete is mixed by volume of material rather than weight. To mix the concrete on-site as needed, a truck with a self-contained mixer holds all the required ingredients. In contrast to this approach, ready-mixed concrete is made in a batch plant using an exact recipe and later delivered to the site. We will explore why this approach is beneficial shortly.

What are Mobile Volumetric Ready Mixers?

Mobile volumetric mixers enable the delivery of the exact amount and type of concrete needed for any project. These mixers can produce concrete on-site in any quantity without waste. The mixer is a multi-dimensional storage unit that contains all the necessary materials in separate compartments inside a truck, including cement, aggregates, water, and any additives.

With the support of a mobile volumetric mixer, you can produce concrete on-site at any specific water-cement ratio and strength required. You no longer need to order pre-mixed concrete from a batch plant and hope that it arrives in time for your project. You can even switch mixes and grades between jobs by adjusting the mixer's proportioning controls.



Why use Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete offers a range of advantages over ready-mixed concrete. Most notably, you only pay for the exact amount of concrete used, meaning there is no wasted material. The ability to store materials for far longer than traditional drum mixers is also beneficial. This can be especially useful when dealing with long-term projects or extreme weather conditions.

There is never any risk of over-ordering with volumetric concrete. The mixer can be adjusted to meet specific job requirements on-site without having to guess how much material is needed. This is ideal for projects that require complex mixes, exact water-cement ratios, or unique strength and grade requirements. 

Here is a summary of volumetric concrete's benefits:

• Mobile mixers can hold a wide range of materials.
• Mixes only what is needed, with no wasted material.
• Can adjust mixes and grades on-site as needed.
• Suitable for complex mixes with specific requirements.
• How can you use Volumetric Concrete?

You can use volumetric concrete across a wide range of different projects. No matter the type of concrete required, the mobile volumetric mixer can deliver it on-site. This makes it an ideal solution for projects that require complex mixes or require exact amounts of material in a short timeframe to meet specific strength and grade requirements.

Volumetric concrete is also great for projects with large or varying areas of coverage. The ability to mix the exact amount needed on-site means you don’t need to worry about over-.


Volumetric: It only mixes the concrete that you need, so you will not waste material.

Ready mix: Batching concrete ahead of time can cause waste if the needs for a project unexpectedly change.


Volumetric: With volumetric mixers, the various components required for a concrete mix are stored separately in different compartments. This makes it possible to alter the size and specification of a mix as needed during a project.

Ready mix: Since the specification of a ready mix order can't be changed after it's batched, there is no opportunity to make changes or last-minute additions.

How can Hopkins Estates meet your needs?

Hopkins Estates Concrete is well-equipped to handle your volumetric concrete needs. Our fleet of mobile mixers has the storage capacity and flexibility to meet any of your project requirements. We also have a team of highly-skilled operators that are trained to work on all types of projects, allowing us to deliver the exact amount of concrete you need with minimal downtime.


Volumetric Concrete (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is volumetric concrete used for?

Volumetric concrete is used for a variety of applications, such as residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. It offers many benefits over ready-mixed concrete, such as the ability to adjust water-cement ratios on-site, minimal waste materials and flexible mixing capabilities - which is ideal for complex mixes or projects requiring exact amounts of material.

Is volumetric concrete good?

While other forms of concrete can be suitable for certain projects, volumetric concrete offers numerous advantages. With no time limitations and the capacity to mix the exact amount of material needed, volumetric concrete is a great choice for projects that require adjustments on-site or where exact amounts are required to meet specific strength and grade requirements.

How much can a volumetric concrete mixer hold?

Compared to a traditional drum mixer, volumetric concrete mixers have a much higher capacity, with truck capacities of up to 8m³. As you can mix concrete on the fly in a volumetric mixer, the actual ceiling for this capacity is much greater and can be adapted to suit the needs of any project.

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